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    3rd Annual Bowen Foundation Football Bash

    The Bowen Foundation for Autism will host its 3rd Annual Football Bash April 7, 2017 at Navy-Marine Corps Stadium. Come watch as brave men and women take the field to raise money for families facing autism. More information and tickets can be found HERE


    The Bowen Foundation for Autism will host its 3rd Annual Football Bash April 7, 2017 at Navy-Marine Corps Stadium. Last year's event raised close to $60,000 for local families facing autism.

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    Rocksgiving 2016

    Thank you to everyone for making this event so successful! We appreciate your support.

    The Bowen Foundation for Autism was founded because America’s autism epidemic has reached staggering proportions and we felt that we could do something to help right here in our own community.

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Providing Hope

The Bowen Foundation for Autism is a nonprofit organization that seeks to improve the lives of children with autism in Maryland. Our goal is pretty simple: we award grants to local families who are struggling to pay for needed services to benefit children with autism. Since 2007, the Bowen Foundation for Autism has raised more than $300,000 to help local families pay for every day expenses: doctors’ appointments, behavioral therapies, safety equipment, learning devices and other services. Our goal is to help where we can and hopefully provide a little relief, and a little hope.

Who Is Bowen?

Bowen is a beautiful young boy full of energy and life who was diagnosed with autism at three years old. He has piercing green eyes, gorgeous curls and a smile that makes you feel like a child again. He is vibrant, he loves Elmo, and he loves going to school. He laughs when you tickle him, he runs to your side when dinner’s ready and often times, he gives you the greatest hugs in the world when you least expect it. He is the perfect child in every sense of the word.

Bowen also happens to have autism. He has never spoken to his family; he often cannot concentrate on the most normal tasks. Going into public places is most difficult, as are the stares of confusion, and often times pity, from so many strangers. Yet despite his limitations, Bowen is a most beloved son, brother, grandson, nephew and friend to many individuals young and old. He teaches each of us something new about ourselves and about the truly important elements of life.

In essence, Bowen could be anyone’s child or grandchild; he just happens to be ours.